What I do

Game development

Making 3D and 2D games for all platforms out there (PC, Console, Mobile), I’m not much of an artist, mostly working on the gameplay side of games, but I can make some 2D and 3D assets myself.

software and tools

Unity Engine as a game engine, Blender, 3Ds Max and Substance for 3d modeling, animating and texturing, Photoshop as a 2d image editor and FL Studio for making music.

I recently started using Unreal Engine, but I need some time to get use to it.

Web Development

Designing modern and responsive websites, compatible with all kind of devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet), and optimizing them for faster loading time and better SEO.

How? with what kind of tools?

I design my websites mostly using WordPress, Because it’s a fairly powerful and popular tool for developing beautiful and customizable websites.

I can design custom unique looking themes for WordPress too, and if WordPress wasn’t the best option for my customer, I would make a complete custom website from scratch using PHP, JS and other tools required.

content creation

editing videos and color grading

Editing and color grading video footage using Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro.


Creating and rendering visual effects using 3Ds max and Blender, and After Effects as a compositing software.

sounds and music production

Editing and improving audio files and making podcast using Adobe Audition.

Making electronic music using FL Studio.

want to know what else I can do?

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