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About Me

profile - Navid Samadi

who's navid samadi?

I was born in October 2001 in Tehran, Iran. And I’ve been living here since then.

My major and passion

I study software engineering in Tehran College of technology, and I love it, I have been in love with computers and electronics and I started programming when I was 13 years old.

I like artistic things too, like making music or beautiful 3D environments.

Why is my website in english?

Well, my native language is Farsi (Persian), but I changed my whole environment to English, I Write, Read and search in English, and I watch all of my favorite movies and TV shows in English, and here is the reason:
1. I found that the best way to learn English, is to do all my stuff in English.
2. We all know that the English community (people who understand English) is way bigger than the Persian community, so I decided to communicate more with the bigger part.