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Game developer, Web designer/developer and more…


What I do


Game development

Making video game for all platforms (mobile, console and pc) using Unity engine and C# as programing language. modeling and texturing assets using blender, 3ds max and substance painter.


Web development

Creating beautiful and responsive websites using WordPress, Designing custom and unique looking themes using PHP, HTML, CSS, JS.


Content creation

Editing and color grading videos using Davinci Resolve and Premiere Pro, making 3D realistic VFX using 3Ds Max, Blender, After Effects, Editing and improving audio files using Adobe Audition, and creating simple electronic musics using FL Studio

Know me better

Some of my attitudes

there is no "i can't"

If someone else did it, so can I, if not, then I will be the first.

fast learner

I can learn anything, as long as there's tutorial video for it on the internet!

a little bit lazy

I usually try to find the easiest solution to my problems, not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it works!


some of the nicest things i ever heard
If you made a list of people that you trusted, Would you put your name down?
Rapper, Song: Only One
It's better to commit to a basic idea, than to have a million good ones that you didn't even finish.
Thomas Brush
indie game developer
When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.
Niel Patrick Harris
Actor, how i met your mother TV Show

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